December 6, 2017

‘Will & Grace’ Star On CoolSculpting


When busy single mom Debra Messing wanted a quick, non-surgical alternative to deal with her remaining baby pooch, she turned to CoolSculpting.

TV’s Grace Adler explained that CoolSculpting essentially accelerates the body’s natural fat cell removal process, making it a great alternative for people like her who do not have hours to spend in a gym and cannot afford to take several weeks off for a surgical recovery. “It is an amazing option for people who want something that is pain free and that has no risks, and no recovery time,” she remarked. CoolSculpting is a great supplement to a healthy attitude about diet and exercise, she concluded.

After an eleven year hiatus, the long-running sitcom is back on NBC with much of the same on-camera and behind-the-camera talent, making it “a reunion,” said Messing.

What is CoolSculpting?

Skin cells are highly susceptible to cold temperatures, and fat cells are even more vulnerable than other kinds of tissue. Therefore, targeted exposure to low temperatures may remove up to 25 percent of the fat cells in the treated area. Moreover, the results continue for several months, because the body continually disposes of these dead fat cells through apoptosis, a natural cell removal process.

Today’s cryolipolysis is even better than the versions that the Food and Drug Administration approved for use in 2010. After some slight initial discomfort, most people read magazines, check their email, watch YouTube videos, or even nap quietly during the process, which depending on the areas targeted, usually lasts about an hour. These patients then immediately go back to their full daily routine. There is no additional down time.

Most patients continue to see noticeable results of several months, so many people only need one in-office CoolSculpting treatment to achieve the desired outcome.

CoolSculpting in Montvale, NJ with Dr. Fiorillo

Due to the popularity and efficiency of this treatment, cryolipolysis doctors are popping up all over the Tri-State area. But Dr. Michael Fiorillo is double Board Certified, so he has an additional level of skill and experience that other physicians simply do not have. Specifically with regard to CoolSculpting, Dr. Fiorillo was one of the first New York/New Jersey cosmetic surgeons to embrace this practice, which has been continually refined over the past few years.

Because of the easy nature of this procedure, Dr. Fiorillo often suggests CoolSculpting as an alternative to liposuction for many of his patients.

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