December 16, 2017

Dual CoolSculpting in Pearl River, NY

Dual CoolSculpting in Pearl River, NY

Imagine being able to cut sculpting treatment times in half.  We all know time is short, with busy schedules and juggling work and family, being able to shorten the duration of any one of our appointments would be fantastic.  Dr. Fiorillo has done just that by adding Dual CoolSculpting to his treatment options!


Coolsculpting in Pearl River NY provides double results in half the time


As you know, CoolSculpting is a treatment whereby fat cells are frozen, so that your body can naturally eliminate them, leaving you with a leaner look.  This single treatment can take up to an hour of your time.  Usually, when you receive a sculpting treatment, you need to have two sides treated, such as flanks, love handles, etc.   Most plastic surgeons who provide this service will only treat one side at a time, either because they have one machine or they have a number of clients using each machine.  So this means two hours of treatment or two 1 hour appointments.  Much longer than a lunch break!  


Dr. Fiorillo is now offering Dual CoolSculpting, whereby you can be treated on both sides, at one time, minimizing your sculpting appointments.


Unwanted fat that you cannot diet or exercise away can be frozen away in half the time with Dual CoolSculpting.  Super convenient if you are super busy.  Contact us by phone 845-867-2594, to schedule an appointment for a consultation to discuss your Dual CoolSculpting treatments.

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