September 12, 2018

Tone Up the Once Hidden Muscles

Tone Up the Once Hidden Muscles

Tone Up the Once Hidden Muscles

You came in for CoolSculpting, got fat frozen away while you were reading, playing games on your phone or even napping. Now that the fat is significantly reduced, you see that there is not a lot of muscle tone and your schedule is not conducive to long workouts at the gym. So, what do you do?

Burn and Build

Emsculpt, the newest addition to our list of treatments can burn fat and tone muscles, while you rest. Just like CoolSculpt, you can get great results without a gym. Build your muscles and burn the surrounding fat by having our Emsculpt machine do the work for you. Get the six pack you always wanted or the ever-so-popular Brazilian butt lift, without the surgery. The procedure is simple. You spend about 30 minutes with the machine stimulating the deep muscle tissue in the area where you desire tone, for a minimum of four sessions, two to three days apart. You will feel like you got a very good workout after the sessions are done. There will be no downtime or recovery period. Full results are not visible immediately. Like with CoolSculpting, results will show fully within two to four weeks from the last session. The studies about Emsculpt indicate that fat is reduced by about 19% and there is about a 16% increase in muscle mass. The machine stimulates the equivalent of about 20,000 sit-ups. How’s that for a work out with no sweat!

Fat Freezing then Emsculpt in Pearl River, NY

If you have not yet had CoolSculpting, contact us to discuss having CoolSculpting followed by Emsculpt treatment at our Pearl River, NY office. It’s the best two options, where you can relax and get great results with little effort.

Contact us today to discuss a CoolSculpt/Emsculpt schedule, lose fat, build muscle with no sweat -845-867-2594.

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