August 21, 2018

Coolsculpting: What Is Or Is Not?

What CoolSculpting Treatment Is and Is Not

CoolSculpting is a very cool device (pun intended). Almost everyone who uses it is amazed at the results, which come eventually. We are all clearly attuned to the instantaneous: microwaved food, “on demand” TV and Movies, faster connections, quicker, faster, now, Now NOW! CoolSculpting is not that. You will see results come in weeks, due to allowing the affected fat cells to die off and be cleared away by your body’s natural systems.

There are other things CoolSculpting is and isn’t. First and foremost it is by all means NOT a fat loss procedure. This is not a substitute for the hard work of diet and exercise. CoolSculpting is for removing the last of the stubborn fat pads that won’t leave with diet and exercise.

It does come with some discomforts. While it is not surgery and there is no down-time, there may be some bruising, some tenderness and some swelling. Rest assured that it will not last long, maybe about three to seven days. Certainly the positive results last much longer and are much more worth the discomfort you may experience in the beginning, after your treatment.

CoolSculpting will only last as long as you maintain your weight and exercise. As soon as you let yourself go and give in to not doing the hard work of maintaining your healthy look, the fat will come back.

To get maximum results, the procedure is not a one time does it all procedure. To get better results, you will need to have the procedure more than once. It’s a very relaxing time and most people nap or read while they wait for the procedure to be done.

CoolSculpting – Dual Sculpting in Pearl River, NY

We have two CoolSculpting machines in our Pearl River, NY facility, so if you will be getting two sides done, they can be done at the same time, cutting your treatment time in half. We can answer all your questions, if you call us at845-867-2594, to schedule an appointment for a consultation to discuss your CoolSculpting treatments with Dr. Fiorillo.


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