July 25, 2018

Non-Surgical Fat Reduction Including Fat Freezing in Pearl River, NY

Currently, many people are turning to non-surgical fat reduction to treat stubborn fat that will not disappear, no matter how much diet and exercise they do. Liposuction is used and considered optimal for certain types of fatty pockets. But it is a surgical procedure that requires incisions, causes swelling and some pain, often resulting in scars. It also requires hospital and recovery time. Non-surgical methods can often be done on a lunch break or after work. There is usually very little discomfort after the procedure and most times no recovery time.

Non-surgical procedures usually focus on killing off the fat cells, which are carried away and eliminated naturally by the body. Various methods are employed, such as:

  • Radiofrequencies and light-based technology used to literally melt fat away, heating the cells up to high temperatures, which cause them to rupture.
  • Injection of a fat destroying substance that is like a molecule found in our gastrointestinal tract that metabolizes the fat and tightens the surrounding skin in the treatment area.
  • Freezing the fat, through CoolSculpting.

When you have a CoolSculpting session, applicators of various types are applied, depending on what part of your body is being treated. Often times, the fat is pulled in between two plates to maximize the freezing process. The temperature is held at a point where the fat will be damaged, but no other cells will be harmed. Upon completion of the procedure, the treated area has the feel of hardened butter, so the area needs to be massaged and kneaded to soften it again. In time, you will slowly see the fat disappear.

CoolSculpting for Freezing fat in Pearl River NY

Dr. Fiorillo can advise you on what procedure will work best for you and your problem areas. He will customize a CoolSculpting program for your specific needs. Call us, to schedule a consultation to discuss fat freezing with CoolSculpting, in our Pearl River, NY area facilities. Contact us via email or call845-867-2594.

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