May 12, 2018

What is CoolSculpting Like During and After at Our Facility in Montvale, NJ?

Whenever we try something new or different there is a natural apprehension about what it will be like. Sometimes we are so focused on the results, we forget to think about the details and then the time comes and we feel nervous. Let’s try to decrease the nervousness, by discussing what you can expect from a CoolSculpting treatment.


During the Procedure
During your consultation to discuss your goals and desires for your appearance Dr. Fiorillo will examine you to determine if your a good candidate for CoolSculpting. The fat that can be “frozen away” is the kind that is directly under your skin. If you have fat and you cannot grab it, it is solid and not flabby, then it is deeper in your body and not able to be reached by the CoolSculpting treatment.

Then on the day of treatment, whether it’s the same day as your consult or another, you will be further examined and marked to determine exactly where to place the CoolSculpting suction device. The person applying the treatment will put a special gel on the specific area where you are getting treated.  Then the machine will be applied and will run for a minimum of 35 minutes. At this time, you are made as comfortable as you possibly can be. We encourage you to bring something to keep you entertained, a book, games on your phone or tablet, or a small laptop to do work. It helps the time go by and if there is some discomfort, it helps keep your mind off of it.

In the first 3 to 5 minutes or so, you will feel a cold sensation, even up to a slight tingling like you would feel on your hand if you held your hand in an ice chest. Once about 5 minutes has passed, the area becomes numb and remains numb for a few minutes after the treatment.

When the machine is removed, then there will be, for lack of a better words, a chunk of fat like a lump of butter under your skin. The person applying the treatment will massage the area for you. Some people say it’s the most uncomfortable part of the treatment. This is done so that the fat cells can be spread back to where they were, so you won’t have an odd lump for the next weeks until the dead cells are carried away. Dr. Fiorillo’s staff will be as kind and gentle as they can, knowing this may be uncomfortable for you.

After You Leave the Treatment Facility
Most people have very little discomfort after treatment, but the most common complaint is sensitivity, soreness and bruising in the first five to ten days. Wear loose comfortable clothing, use moisturizing lotions and you may want to take some painkillers, due to the fact that the nerves are sensitized from the treatment. And there is some swelling, so don’t expect to see results yet.

A small percentage report higher levels of pain, so discuss how to handle that possibility with Dr. Fiorillo, before your treatment, so that you can be prepared and have what you need to help relieve pain. Besides, you may be pleasantly surprised and not have much pain, sensitivity or bruising.

Final results will show 3 – 4 months after your last CoolSculpting treatments. So, be patient.

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