September 6, 2017

CoolSculpting Away Muffin Tops And Love Handles

The strictest diet and most diligent exercise are often not enough to get rid of back, belly, and side fat, and in many cases, they may even make these areas worse.

While it is relatively easy to tone the chest and the extremities, it is not easy to work the obliques and other abdominal muscle areas. Sit Ups might do the trick, but if not done correctly, they may work the wrong muscle group and cause injury. Moreover, because fat cells sit atop muscles in these areas, the muscle pushes out the fat, worsening the appearance of love handles and muffin tops. Finally, as you can probably tell just by wiggling it, the dense fat in this area does not melt away like it does on some other areas of the body.

The issue is not just cosmetic, as concentrated centric obesity is twice as likely to cause an obesity-related death.

A Better Way

The good news is that once love handles/muffin tops come off, they normally stay off, at least to a considerable extent. CoolSculpting may be the answer.

This noninvasive procedure is tailor made for people who are in overall fairly good shape, but despite their best efforts, fat bulges remain. After a one-hour, in-office appointment, most people start seeing results as little as one month later. That’s because apoptosis, which is a natural biological process, begins removing the dead fat cells almost immediately.

In 2010, after several years of success overseas, the Food and Drug Administration approved cryolipolysis for use in the United States. The theory is quite simple. Since extreme cold kills cells in fingers and toes, it stands to reason that a radical temperature change could do the same thing for any other targeted area, including fat cells.

Moreover, since fat cells are extremely sensitive to cold, the temperature doesn’t need to be as low, which makes it easier to perform the procedure with no anesthesia at all and practically no discomfort. After your CoolSculpting appointment, there is no downtime.

Dr. Michael Fiorillo is a double-Board Certified cosmetic surgeon who has performed CoolSculpting procedures almost from day one, and his Brooklyn clinic is one of the only places in New York to go for this life-changing experience.

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