October 23, 2013

What Are Some Limitations for CoolSculpting® Results?

Despite being one of the most promising non-invasive methods of eliminating stubborn fats from the body, there are still some limitations to what freezing fat cells can do that every patient should know before undergoing the procedure to avoid expecting too much. This innovative method is a wiser option but is definitely not for everybody.


The following are the three most accepted limitations of CoolSculpting.

1. Results are limited by dieting and exercising efforts

Technically speaking, this procedure does not remove fats from any parts. What it does is it causes fat freeze which will easily kill fat cells in the process. So what happens after they die? The fat cells are expelled though a natural bodily process called apoptosis. However, you need to prevent new fat from forming through exercise and proper dieting (which is basically all the same case even for liposuction). CoolSculpting results in the long term are all based on the patient’s efforts after the procedure.
2. Results are expected only within a set time frame
Although immediate changes can already be noticed every after session, the main goal of losing layers of fats is only achievable at a minimum time of four months.
3. The procedure is limited to moderately fat persons
Many Fat Away reviews do not really mind it since this is a non-invasive procedure. However, the fact remains that obese and overweight people cannot even consider this procedure.

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