December 14, 2018

Keep Your Real Chin, Get Rid of the Rest


Double chins or more can be very frustrating and can make us self conscious. Why are they there? How do you get rid of them?


There are a number of reasons for multiple chins. They don’t necessarily have to do with being overweight, the fat cells are there, whether you are overweight or not, because they are caused by an extra layer of fat cells under the chin. Sometimes, you can blame your ancestors for them, because they can be genetic. Being overweight, helps fill the cells, which increases the size of the chin area, thus causing folds and creases, creating the multiple chin appearance. Age can increase their visibility, because muscle tone decreases and so does elasticity of the skin. Posture and muscle weakness can also contribute to the problem.


While CoolSculpting cannot take care of the elasticity issues, the posture problem and especially the genetics issue, it can reduce the fat cells, by freezing them away, without harming any surrounding tissue. Once you have reached close to your goal weight and you are already on a good diet and exercise program (including chin and facial exercises), CoolSculpting will freeze away the extra fat cells, significantly reducing the area under the neck, thus reducing the appearance of multiple chins. See our Freeze Fat Away gallery of Before and After results so you can see that it indeed does reduce the chin and neck.


CoolSculpting For One Chin in New York


Dr. Fiorillo has been using CoolSculpting since it was released to the market. He has two machines, so that if you want another area worked on while your chin is being sculpted, you can have it done at the same time. For a CoolSculpting consult in New York, contact us today, either online or by phone 845-867-2594.

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