The Odd Start of CoolSculpting Treatment in Pearl River NY

Two doctors, Dr. Rox Anderson and Dr. Dieter Manstein, were aware of an odd phenomenon called “popsicle panniculitis”, where cheek fat is lost in children who frequently suck on popsicles. They also had heard a very odd story about a woman who rode naked on horseback in a…Read More

Freeze Away The Holiday Pudge with CoolSculpting in Pearl River NY

It doesn’t matter what holiday you celebrate or don’t celebrate, at the end of the year, from Halloween to New Year’s Eve, is a time to indulge in candy, sweets and heavy foods.  No matter how careful you try to be, it is hard to maintain the diet…Read More

Dual CoolSculpting in Pearl River, NY

Dual CoolSculpting in Pearl River, NY

Imagine being able to cut sculpting treatment times in half.  We all know time is short, with busy schedules and juggling work and family, being able to shorten the duration of any one of our appointments would be fantastic.  Dr. Fiorillo has done just that by adding Dual…Read More

‘Will & Grace’ Star On CoolSculpting


When busy single mom Debra Messing wanted a quick, non-surgical alternative to deal with her remaining baby pooch, she turned to CoolSculpting.

TV’s Grace Adler explained that CoolSculpting essentially accelerates the body’s natural fat cell removal process, making it a great alternative for people like her who do not…Read More

What You Need To Know About CoolSculpting

Age, genetics, and other reasons completely unrelated to overall fitness often make it hard to reduce pockets of belly fat. The stakes for your health are high, because evidence suggests that abdominal obesity is the worst kind of obesity. Midsection fat often causes significant self-esteem issues as well….Read More

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