How CoolSculpting Works

The Cool Sculpting system uses a process called Cryolipolysis where the trouble areas of the body where fat deposits lie can be frozen or crystallized where they then shatter and dissipate through the body as the liver and white blood cells digest the dead fat cells. Extensive studies have been…Read More

Coolsculpting Technique

Coolsculpting is a new technique used by many cosmetic surgeons, including Dr. Fiorillo in New York and New Jersey. It is a safe and practical way to remove fat from troublesome areas of your body. There are many benefits of Coolsculpting, which we’ll attempt to outline here.

Are there…Read More

Coolsculpting is Practical

CoolSculpting is perfect for the busy people of New York and New Jersey who want to slim down because it is designed to be fast, convenient, and effective. Dr. Fiorillo and his expert team will help you get the results you want without you having to put your life on…Read More

Freeze Fat Away—CoolSculpting and It’s Efficiency

Among the people of highly developed countries, excess weight and, not uncommonly, obesity —counts as one of the most common issues. Throughout history, people have been devising various techniques to battle this. It was to be expected — overweight body is not only aesthetically less appealing than a fit one,…Read More

CoolSculpting, Diet or Workout?

We all want our bodies to look fit, cool and sculpted to our desires. In New York, Dr. Fiorillo offers the groundbreaking fat freezing treatment, which can literally freeze away up to 20% of your excess fat. His team of nurses and technicians is highly trained for such therapies, and…Read More

Give Yourself a Treat with a Bit of Coolsculpting

This is just about the time when all New Year resolutions are being broken. However coolsculpting New York service providers like us can help keep you honest. We take the hassle out of keeping in shape while at the same time ensuring that your wellbeing is never compromised at any…Read More

Choose ZeltiqCoolSculpting for Results That Are Fast and Long Lasting

Liposuction isn’t the only technique used to remove excess fat cells. In fact, there’s a revolutionary fat freezing treatment that lots of medical spas and cosmetic surgery centers are choosing to offer now in NYC. The technology is called CoolSculpting, andit doesn’t involve any incisions, anaesthesia, or serious recovery time!

The…Read More

Don’t Buy a New Fall Wardrobe, Try CoolSculpting!

As the weather begins to cool, you’ve no doubt at least dug your fall wardrobe out of the closet and started to try things on. If all those summer barbeques and parties got the best of you and now your clothes are fitting a little snugly, you may want to…Read More

Supercharge Your Workout Results with CoolSculpting.


So I was at the gym the other day when I thought to myself that I would love a way to lose fat that is more convenient than coming to the gym everyday and working out like my life depended on it. Don’t get me wrong, I love working out, I…Read More

Guys, It’s Time To Start Work On That Summer Six Pack by Freezing Fat Cells

It may seem silly to start thinking about summer so soon – it’s the middle of fall! Most likely when spring rolls around, you shake yourself out of that holiday food hibernation and realize it’s time to start hitting the gym so you can look…Read More

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