Freeze Your Fat Cells to Death!


Do you have annoying love handles, saddlebags or muffin top that drives you crazy? Then consider CoolSculpting, the new, FDA-approved way to reduce fat cells by literally freezing them to death!

The Cool Sculpting device, in the expert hands of Dr. Fiorillo, freezes fat cells so that they experience natural cell…Read More

Are You a Good Candidate for CoolSculpting?

CoolSculpting is a revolutionary way to rid the body of excess body fat – without surgery. The best candidates for this procedure usually are those who are approximately 20 pounds or less within their desired body weight. Such candidates are normally in the process of losing weight and work out…Read More

Freeze Away Troublesome Fat With Cool Sculpting


Nothing is more frustrating than going to the gym regularly, working hard, and not seeing the results you want. For many people, no matter how much they lift or how long they run, there’s always just that one stubborn “trouble area” that just will not go away. Whether that fat…Read More

Cool Sculpting: The Painless Path to Weight Loss


If you’re like most people, you’re right about at the point in the year where the dreams of meeting your New Years weight loss resolution are starting to fade. At this point, even thinking about going to the gym is considered a small victory. So, at the risk of sounding…Read More

Getting Rid of Body Fat Professionally

As one of the leading teams in coolsculpting New York services, Dr. Fiorillo and his team are the best examples of exceptional practice. We have approved methods of freezing fat so easily and effectively that you will hardly notice afterwards that there has been any major procedure. It is this…Read More

A Dedicated Breast Implant and Plastic Surgery Expert

Dr. Fiorillo leads a team of experts in providing coolsculpting New York services. We will get rid of fat in all those stubborn areas using the latest CoolSculpting techniques. Our incredible results are a testament to the care with which we approach our work. We will endeavor to ensure that…Read More

CoolSculpting – A Breakthrough In Fat Reduction

Coolsculpting is the latest in fat melting technology that does not require any type of surgical procedures. So what is Coolsculpting? This new non-surgical procedure uses a special machine that freezes fat cells that when frozen, they crystallize, shatter and die. The dead fat cells are then digested by white…Read More

How CoolSculpting Works

The Cool Sculpting system uses a process called Cryolipolysis where the trouble areas of the body where fat deposits lie can be frozen or crystallized where they then shatter and dissipate through the body as the liver and white blood cells digest the dead fat cells. Extensive studies have been…Read More

Coolsculpting Technique

Coolsculpting is a new technique used by many cosmetic surgeons, including Dr. Fiorillo in New York and New Jersey. It is a safe and practical way to remove fat from troublesome areas of your body. There are many benefits of Coolsculpting, which we’ll attempt to outline here.

Are there…Read More

Coolsculpting is Practical

CoolSculpting is perfect for the busy people of New York and New Jersey who want to slim down because it is designed to be fast, convenient, and effective. Dr. Fiorillo and his expert team will help you get the results you want without you having to put your life on…Read More

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